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A New Way to Amplify Influencer Campaigns Using Branded Content Ads on Instagram

Jun 10th 2019 in Influencer Marketing Instagram

Instagram released a new feature to help advertisers or brands reach a bigger audience and make a bigger impact with their ads. It's called branded content ads. These ads will allow brands to promote or amplify branded organic content posts of creators as Instagram feed ads.

Take Your Influencer Marketing to the Next Level

Normally, you would usually launch an influencer marketing campaign in order to reach a bigger audience while also borrowing the credibility and trust of trusted influencers. You'd strike up deals with influencers to create a win-win partnership. This strategy allows you to tap into the audience that the influencers have built.

With branded content ads, you will be able to take organic posts of the influencers and promote it as feed ads. This takes the whole influencer marketing strategy to a whole new level. It's like being able to take your partnership with influencers and leveraging their credibility, authority, popularity to an even wider audience beyond their followers through an Instagram ad campaign.

Small Details that Distinguish This Ad Format

It's important to note that the ads are not limited to the followers of the influencer. You can target different audiences to give the ad as much visibility as possible. Even if people exposed to the ad are not following the said influencer. They may still be aware of who the influencers is. This basically means that you'll be borrowing the brand recognition of the influencer to help your ad stand out.

The ads will also run on the account of the influencer rather than on your personal or brand advertising account. The goal is to allow you to present your brand, products, or services through the eyes and voice of the influencer so that there's a bigger impact. For transparency, the post will include a message labelled "Paid partnership with (your brand)" on the post. This strategy can help amplify an existing or past influencer marketing campaign.

How to Run Branded Content Ads?

To run this ad format, the influencer must allow their partners to promote their posts as ads in the Advanced Settings by selecting "Allow Business Partner to Promote" for the post. You can then go to Existing Posts in the Ads Manager and start running the ad. The ad can be run in the news feed or be run in the Instagram Stories format.

You can choose objectives just as they would for a normal ad campaign.

- Brand Awareness
- Reach
- Traffic
- Engagement
- Video Views
- Lead generation

You'll also get access to all the normal ad reporting metrics so that you can adjust your campaign accordingly. Instagram outlines out a step-by-step guide which includes short videos to help brands set it up.

As well as detailed instructions on necessary permissions required to be granted by creators or influencers for this to be possible.

What Does Branded Content Ads Mean for Advertisers with Existing Influencer Marketing Campaigns?

Obviously, branded content ads will be huge for you if you have existing partnerships with well-known influencers. For most businesses that are working with lesser known influencers, branded content ads will still be a welcomed boost. As consumers have been known to trust micro influencers more. So, branded content ads are a great and effective way to amplify organic content from existing campaigns.

One thing that will make this ad beneficial to influencers is the fact that the campaign will help them reach new audiences. It will help them get in front of an audience that's not following them yet. In this way there is potential to also help influencers grow their personal brand.

Instagram will start rolling out branded content ads in a few weeks and will enable it for stories in a few months. You'll want to keep your eyes peeled for more news on the specifics of how everything will work so that you can be one of the first to test it for your business.

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