Much more than a campaign!

Influencer marketing is not just another campaign. We have a mission at ImpactDigital. To help you build your online relationships, communities and brands/businesses better.

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Everyday people making a difference – One big family

Having a top notch and excellent software that is problem and solution oriented is great. It’s something we always strive to achieve and is our commitment to you. Putting people at the heartbeat of what we do is even better.

At ImpactDigital, we tirelessly work and consider our customers, employees and influencers as one big family making a difference to the lives of everyday people.


Influencer marketing has become fragmented. We help you connect the dots with our quest for continuous and innovative solutions. We strive to always do better.


At ImpactDigital we are customer driven built by people who truly care and enjoy doing it. We see ourselves as one big family


Your job or work does not have to be a pain. Great tools made by great people to enable you have a great experience and make your job easier.

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Advocating Real Human Relationships

”We are here to help make a positive impact on your brand, how it sells and how it deals with or manages its every day social relationships. Making influencer marketing more human focused.
Keeping an engaged community and building real relationships is our top priority. It’s about the human connections done at scale.

It’s not just about selling. It’s much more.“

ImpactDigital making a difference.