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Influencer marketing is not just a one-off event, but a series of connected actions applied continuously for maximum impact. Experience the true potential of influencer marketing. It’s not only about a campaign. It’s about building a community.

Influencer management

Apply advanced Boolean alerts for more accurate influencer conversations that interests you for better relationship building

Influencer Relationship Management


Discover new influencer audiences that matches your brand’s target market

Reach out

Reach out to influencers with mutual interests


Track and listen to influencer interactions, content that are relevant to you at scale


Engage with influencers, conversations of interest, building real and lasting relationships


Collaborate with influencers and launch campaigns at scale


Build and develop new communities

Organic outreach

Explore for Organic Outreach

Looking to perform blogger or other outreach campaigns? Our software can certainly help you achieve this at scale. 

Reach out to 1000s of bloggers, journalists, public speakers and more or expert influencers. All at your fingertips.

  • Also get access to Verified Influencers.
  • Over 100,000 influencers


Discover and collaborate with Instagram Influencers

Search creators in our software and launch sponsored or paid Instagram campaigns. Manage your entire collaboration process on our platform. Micro, mid-tier and mega influencers. Access a wide variety of niches.

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Influencer collab

Collaboration Suite

Easily create, organize and communicate with our workflows

Create projects and campaigns at Scale tailored to meet your brand’s vision and goals

Use simple Kanban boards to organise your work and streamline your collaboration workflow.

Want your brand’s staff to be involved in the process with influencers? Or leave it all to influencers?
It’s your choice.

Communicate with each other through messages in communication channels.
Send files

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Tap into the potential of social today

Leverage conversations that matter to you or your brand generated by the right persons, at the right time, right place with the right message.

Monitor your brand, competitors or keywords. Research #Hashtags

  • Brand Mentions

    Track mentions of your brand on social media, blogs, forums and other areas of the web. Identify and join conversations your campaigns generate or identify and engage with people talking about your brand.

  • Monitor competitors and keywords at scale

    Monitor your competitors as well as keywords. Readily scale up campaigns with ease.

  • Embed social selling

    Effortlessly integrate your social selling strategy with influencer marketing. Offer audiences solutions to their pain points either relating to your brand or niche keywords

  • Boolean alerts

    Use our advanced alerts tool for pinpoint or laser focused results using Boolean operators.

  • #Hashtags

    Research hashtags on our #Hashtag Sphere with one click of the button to use in your marketing campaigns.

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